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The Basics: Intro to Analytics
The Basics: Intro to Analytics

Analyze and drill down on anything, from lists and assignees to labels, task completion, and more.

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Dock Health's analytics function gives you an insightful look at how your organization is operating so you can work more efficiently, identify process bottlenecks, optimize staff, and reduce administrative overwhelm.

View your data by clicking “Analytics” on the left menu bar. You’ll see an overview of tasks organized by categories like status, assignee, and labels.

Use the filtering tool for a more specific view of your data. For example, you can view all the analytics unique to one of your existing lists and visualize insights, like who on your team is getting assigned the most tasks and what portion of tasks are complete vs. in progress. With Dock Analytics, you can track the percentage of tasks done on time and make decisions about whether processes need more time or less to complete.

You can also save custom filters by clicking “Filter” on the top left of your screen, then clicking “Add to Saved Filters”.

Looking for More from Analytics?

If you’re looking for more robust data and analytics, reach out to the Dock crew to learn more about custom dashboards, SFTP data plans and API-level data access for real-time data and leverage your own business intelligence tools.

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