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Quick Start: Maximize efficiency with SmartFlows(™)
Quick Start: Maximize efficiency with SmartFlows(™)
Updated over a week ago

Available with Premium, Pro, and Enterprise plans, Dock’s most intelligent feature is the SmartFlow(™), where you can build a workflow with decision trees, time delays, and automations.

SmartFlows are truly Dock’s secret sauce – it’s where the best workflows get supercharged to help teams deliver better care with greater efficiency.

Found in the workflow library, SmartFlows are denoted by the three-dot triangle, and have a number of additional tools in a builder experience.

Building Your Own SmartFlow

To create your own SmartFlow, think of a process that at some point has one or more “if this…then that” scenarios that need to be considered. Prior authorizations is a good place to start because the request will be approved or denied — so if this… then that. Let’s take a closer look:

Kicking off a SmartFlow

To kick off a workflow or SmartFlow, it’s best to go back to the lists you’ve already created. Within a group on the list view, click on the “+Workflow” button in the upper right-hand corner of a group. Then, select a workflow or SmartFlow you’ve created or identified.

Adding Integrations + Automations to Your SmartFlow

If you need more advanced workflows, talk to the Dock Crew about the professional services we offer to integrate EHRs, productivity tools, and communications platforms, as well as create automations that launch SmartFlows or downstream events like sending emails and SMS or initiating data transfers.

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