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Quick Start: Communicate Quickly and Securely within Dock
Quick Start: Communicate Quickly and Securely within Dock
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At Dock, we intimately know the importance of effective communication in keeping care teams properly informed and ensuring patients receive the highest level of care. Dock was founded to help fill in for historic communication gaps and other collaboration issues that lead to poor overall healthcare efficiency and even patient safety risks.

Facilitate Better Decision-Making

Effective task management leads to effective communication, and vice-versa. Best practices in Dock are to communicate clearly and completely, sharing all relevant information. Leverage all default fields in the task drawer and consider adding your own custom fields for the way your team likes to operate with the data you need at your fingertips.

Learn how to customize fields (HERE).

Set up Your Team for Success

Ensure communication can be seen and responded to by teammates with the proper permissions. Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers are responsible for carrying out a patient's care plan as a team. Leverage Dock to help coordination between the administration and medical staff, and across departments like pharmacy and laboratory, enhancing patient care and resource utilization.

Learn how to manage your users (HERE), so every teammate has access to the work and plan needed.

Streamline Operations with Workflows

Healthcare runs on workflows – protocols and procedures that foster compliance and enhance overall operational efficiency. Dock provides a workflow library with frequently occurring templates you can use or customize. By using these templates or adding your own to Dock, each teammate has visibility into where patients or processes are in flow, and there’s less of a need to track down fellow providers in the hallway to catch them up on all the patient to-dos..

Workforce Utilization + Optimization

Dock is not a traditional healthcare scheduling solution, but we understand the need for that type of information when assigning tasks. Pro and enterprise customers can integrate scheduling solutions with the help of the Dock Pro Services experts to support scheduling and shifts.

  • Calendar View: Toggle to the calendar view for week- or month-out planning

  • User Pools: Accommodate for shifts and vacation days by creating user pools for functions or teams, e.g. billing, scheduling, front desk, or nurses

  • Analytics: Resource allocation and staff utilization can be tracked with Dock’s analytics package

HITRUST and HIPAA-Compliant

All communications in and with Dock are secure and compliant, so you can rest assured your collaboration is protected. Some frequently used communication tools and features in Dock include comments and mentions, but to communicate in real time with teammates, use the Dock Chat interoffice communication function.

Dock Chat

Securely send messages to members of your team directly in Dock:

  • Start or view a chat by clicking the Dock Chat badge icon on your left menu bar

  • Open a chat to send a message or view your message history

  • Two green check marks will appear next to a message you’ve sent once the message is read, and Dock Chat will show you when someone is currently typing a message to you.

You’ll also get a desktop notification on the top right of your screen when you receive a new message in Dock Chat.

Escalating Communication

Pro and Enterprise customers can customize their workspaces with the help of Dock’s Pro Services team to enable care escalation for patients at risk of deterioration. With this functionality, care teammates can effectively communicate patient care concerns to team members.

We like to call Dock the accountability layer of healthcare, enabling effective communication with one central hub.

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