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AdvancedMD Integration
AdvancedMD Integration
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Integration - Patient Demographics

Once the AdvancedMD API access is granted, the following integrations can be enabled to pass patient information from AdvancedMD to Dock:

  1. Patient search from within Dock

    • Patients registered in AdvancedMD are easily accessible to search in Dock and start creating tasks for.

  2. Adding patient context to a task in Dock

    • Easily add patients from AdvancedMD to a Dock task in real-time

  3. Discrete data from a patient’s record in AdvancedMD can be pulled into a Dock custom field in the patient profile and even be displayed on the patient banner bar. Select the data element from AdvancedMD and the custom field in Dock to connect it to.

AdvancedMD Patient Attribute

Dock Patient Custom Field

Special considerations

Insurance number

Insurance number


Task / Workflow Automations

Dock supports automatic triggering of tasks and workflows when certain actions are taken by a user in AdvancedMD for a patient. These actions can be configured to create a task or deploy a workflow/SmartFlow in a list in Dock.

AdvancedMD supports the following event categories to notify Dock for any downstream tasks or workflows that can be triggered.

  • Patient updates

    • New Patient - a new patient is registered,

    • Update Patient - patient demographic info, responsible party, insurance info is updated

  • Appointment / Visit events

    • New Visit

    • Modified Visit

    • Deleted Visit

  • Charge events

    • Charge added

    • Charge modified - either the charge itself, a payment or a write off was added or changed relative to the charge

    • Charge deleted / voided

  • Clinical events

    • Clinic Note - create / updated

    • Lab Results - added

    • Health Watch plan - added / updated

Indicate below which event you will like to use to automate triggering workflows or tasks in Dock

Event Name in AdvancedMD

Dock Workflow / SmartFlow Name

Dock Task List Name

Dock Task Group Name in the List

If no Workflow Indicated Default Assign Task to:

If no Workflow Indicated

Default Due Date (e.g Appointment Date)

Indicate Other Data Elements That Should be Carried Over as Custom Fields

New patient registration

New patient onboarding workflow

Blue Sky Health

New Patients

Show Scheduling / Clinical information for a patient in Dock

Dock provides the ability to pull specific patient information and show it as widgets for a patient profile.

The following are types of information that can be pulled in for display:

  • Get Patient Referrals

  • Get Appointments

  • Get Clinic Notes

  • Get Lab Results

  • Get Problems

  • Get Medications

  • Get Immunizations

  • Get Charges

Updating Medical Record

Completion of Tasks in Dock can support updating information in AdvancedMD

The following are types of information that can be updated:

  • Add / Update Patient

  • Add / Update Insurance

  • Save Patient Notes

  • Add / Update Responsible Party

  • Add / Update Referrals

  • Upload files to Patient Chart

  • Add Patient Visit

  • Add / Update Problem

  • Add / Update Clinic Note

  • Add / Update Health plan

  • Add Payment

  • Create New Charge

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