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Does Dock integrate with the EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

Does Dock integrate with the EHR (Electronic Health Record)?

Updated over a week ago

We do, but we'd ask you if you really need it. We think Dock is awesome for a bunch of reasons, one of which is that it's super easy to use and doesn't require any EHR integration. You can be up and running with Dock in less than 5 mins which is powerful in the crazy busy world of patient care and practice management. Dock replaces a lot of the administrative stuff that happens over email, Post-it Notes and often falls through the cracks.

We think of ourselves as the connective tissue between the clinical stuff and the administrative stuff that needs to magically happen for the rest to matter. While EHR integration is awesome, most practices don't need it. That results in a more affordable and faster setup for you and your practice. Contact us at to learn more about our Custom/Enterprise offerings and EHR integration.

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