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Quick Start: Collaborate Asynchronously on Dock
Quick Start: Collaborate Asynchronously on Dock
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Collaboration on Dock enables you to work better with teammates to deliver better experiences for patients and the care team.

Collaboration Tools Meet Real-Life Experiences on Dock

Let’s talk about expectations – because effective collaboration comes down to everyone being on the same page. The dynamics behind collaborating well:

  • Complementary skills: Working as a team is easier with one centralized hub where each teammate can contribute and have visibility into the work of the team

  • Common purpose: Deliver on-time patient care and seamless experiences for optimal patient outcomes

  • Performance goals: What are the expectations associated with the tasks and workflows at hand? Set achievable timelines and goals that map to compliance and care plans

  • Approach: Give and take with teammates, knowing what you’re responsible for, what your team is responsible for, what’s done, and what’s yet to be accomplished

  • Mutual accountability: Everyone wants to do their job well, so Dock makes accountability accessible

Put these people skills to work on Dock’s platform, and you’re on the road to success.

Communication Tools

Dock enables real-time collaboration with native chat – so you can communicate with any teammate, any time to get healthcare done.

Mentions and comments help your team asynchronously communicate about specific tasks, processes, or patients.

The View from Home Base

The home view is a live picture of tasks you are responsible for. Here you can set or reset filters to see what you need when you need it.

Checking on work related to a type of encounter or an insurance plan? You can filter across the organization on your home screen to get the job done with fewer clicks.

My Tasks and All Tasks fast-track the answers and assignments you’re trying to find.

How to Use Dock Daily

It’s one thing to create the tasks, but for Dock to deliver impacts for your organization, you need to nurture it.

Teams that use Dock throughout the day tend to maximize their efficiencies.

If that’s not possible, find a rhythm that works for you and your team and set the expectation early for how you can all find success using Dock.

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