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Quick Start: Turn your data into practice improvements
Quick Start: Turn your data into practice improvements
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A key reason people use Dock is to boost the efficiency of teams within and across organizations. With Dock’s analytics, you can view all the data unique to your tasks, lists, and statuses to help understand bottlenecks and growth opportunities.

Find analytics by navigating to the left menu bar and clicking on the bar graph badge icon.

Dock account owners – users who set up or manage the Dock account – have access to organizational data on Dock; while, regular users can track their own individual progress and productivity.

Ready for even more analytics? Dock offers a unique concrete data set of healthcare. Talk to our team about Pro and Enterprise plan analytics with custom dashboards. You get an understanding of overall productivity, the number of tasks completed on-time or overdue, how many tasks each teammate is getting assigned, and more.

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