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The Basics: Intro to Dock Chat
The Basics: Intro to Dock Chat

Get an introduction on Dock Chat, a HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with your team.

Updated over a week ago

Available with a Pro or Enterprise plan, Dock Chat lets you quickly and securely communicate with members of your team directly in the Dock platform.

Start or view a chat by clicking the Dock Chat button on your left menu bar. (Don’t see chat in your left menu? Talk to our success team about upgrading your subscription.)

Open a chat to send a message or view your message history. Two green check marks will appear next to a message you’ve sent once the message is read, and Dock Chat will show you when someone is currently typing a message to you.

You’ll also get a desktop notification on the top right of your screen when you receive a new message in Dock Chat. This notification will appear on your desktop even when the Dock window isn’t open, and you can adjust your notification preferences in profile settings. (Click here to learn how to customize your notifications.)

To open Dock Chat in a new window, click the icon at the top left of the Chat screen.

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