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Jotform Integration
Jotform Integration
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  1. Ensure your Jotform account is enabled for HIPAA

  2. Create the necessary forms in Jotform

Enable API access

  1. Sign in to your Jotform account.

    1. Navigate to the following

      1. From your profile picture (top right menu) → Settings

      2. Select API from the left menu

  2. Under “API Keys” section, click “Create New Key”. When the Key is created click the column under Permissions and change the option to “Full Access”.

  3. Please copy and securely share this Key with the Dock Health team.

    1. You can securely share this by adding the key to a task in a new list in Dock. An example would be to create a new list called “Jotform”. You can then create a task and simply paste the code as the task description.

    2. Please message us on Intercom that you have completed this and we can retrieve the code securely from the back-end. Please do not share this Key or PHI over intercom as this is not a secure channel.

Enable workflow automations

  1. Once we have received your API Key, we can work to enable real-time triggering of workflows in Dock Health when forms are submitted. We need to configure one of the forms manually first.

    1. Select one of the forms and navigate to the Settings page for that form

    2. Select Emails

    3. Click the Edit icon or on the name of the row

    4. From the “RECIPIENTS” tab, add one of the recipient email addresses which is the email address of an account in Dock Health which will have access to the lists where the workflows will be deployed.

    5. Click Save to save your settings.

    6. From the “ADVANCED” tab:

      1. Ensure the options to Send Email is selected.

      2. Select the option to add the PDF to the email which is generated when the form is submitted

      3. Enter a password that is used to password-protect the PDF and will be needed when viewing it from Dock Health

      4. Click Save to save your settings

  2. In order to automate triggering workflows when forms are completed please fill the following. Please ensure you have the related forms, Dock Health lists, groups and workflows created in advance.

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