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What's in a Drawer

Where all the details are tucked away.

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Check your drawers

Double-clicking on the body of any task or subtask will slide open a drawer full of all the details and comments on that task.

What's in a Drawer?

Adding a subtask & deleting or duplicating tasks

Click on the three dots to reveal the dropdown to create a subtask, or delete and duplicate.

Due date & due time

Easily assign a due date and time for tasks. Based on that, we'll send alerts to remind you this task is due.


Look here quickly to see the status of a task on your list.


Labels make it easier to search for and find tasks by letting you create and assign searchable labels - like Phone Calls or Imaging - to individuals to-dos.

Editing & deleting comments

Mouse-over a comment to reveal links to edit or delete a comment you've made.

Task history

โ€‹You can view an individual task's history of changes that includes each change that occurred since the task was created.

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