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Quick Start: Find more details in the task drawer
Quick Start: Find more details in the task drawer
Updated over a week ago

The Task Drawer is a detailed view where you can find all the nitty-gritty details that help you make informed decisions and deliver highly reliable care.

Many of the details are straightforward, however, there are other helpful elements of a task held in the task drawer that might take a little trial and error.

  • Share and view statuses to update teammates on a task without having to find them in the hallway

  • Use labels to define and tag tasks as part of a certain population or workflow, e.g. ADHD, ESL, Aetna.

  • Add custom fields that are specific to a patient population, type of encounter, practice location or care team preferences

Additionally, there are two helpful collaboration tools in the task drawer: comments and mentions. They work like they do on social media.

  • Comments are anecdotes and updates relevant to the task at hand.

  • Mentions use the @ sign to tag teammates who need to see a comment.

Finally, the audit trail in a task drawer helps you hold accountability toward highly reliable care by capturing and time-stamping all the work associated with a task.

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