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Quick Start: Dock Is So Much More than a Digital To-Do List
Quick Start: Dock Is So Much More than a Digital To-Do List
Updated over a week ago

Let’s start at the beginning. Dock Health organizes everything into lists – but these aren’t your sticky note scribbles. These are powerful, patient-contextual, actionable lists that will help you be more efficient and accountable.

When you think about the lists you’ll create in Dock, they should be bigger buckets of work or stages of work:

  • New Patient Onboarding

  • Billing

  • Chronic Care Management

  • Employee Wellness + CME

  • Office management

You can have as many lists as you want, but you should organize them in a way that makes sense for you and your teams to be able to quickly add or locate work they need to do, update, or mark as complete.

Organize your lists into groups

Within a list are a number of groups that are related, but separated. Groups are buckets or types of activities, tasks, or “workflows” that help you capture processes and tasks associated with the way your team likes to do that work. (Need ideas? Head over to our workflow templates library)

Lists can be customized based on how your team organizes patients, processes, statuses, or even places of care. You can create your own private lists or create a shared list for your team to collaborate on.

Invite teammates to lists

To invite teammates to your list, go to the upper right-hand corner and click the “+” button. You will see a list of teammates you can add, and only those individuals or pools of individuals will have access.

If you can’t find a teammate to invite, you may need to invite them to the workspace.

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