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Quick Start: Personalize your profile
Quick Start: Personalize your profile
Updated over a week ago

Setting up your profile is one of the most important efforts you’ll make on Dock.

Make your profile your own by clicking on the circle with your initials on the bottom of the left menu bar, then selecting “Profile.” Then take a minute to customize it:

  • Make sure your name and initials appear as you’d like them to (i.e. William v. Bill)

  • Upload your photo

  • Select a color for your profile

  • Ensure your initials are correct

  • Double-check your cell phone number, as this will be used for password reset and security checks

  • Add your title and department to fully build out your profile

  • Customize your notifications

  • Take a spin through the lists you’ve added or been invited to

These settings personalize Dock just for you. You can customize further with your team by using custom fields, filters and more.

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