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Quick Start: Work Together with Comments, Mentions, Assignments
Quick Start: Work Together with Comments, Mentions, Assignments
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Care teams are distributed these days, and you can’t always count on seeing a teammate in the hallway to update them on the fly.

Dock’s task management platform is built to keep information moving asynchronously – meaning when the information is ready or available, it can be sent to the teammates and systems that need it without talking face to face.

Three elements of Dock make it easy to communicate and collaborate with teammates:


Using the @ sign before a user’s name creates the ability to “mention” a teammate in a few different sections of the task drawer. Consider using the mentions function to pull attention to a task description, comment, or subtask description.


Located in the task drawer, “comments” are a place for task-specific questions, responses, and longer-form updates. They can be for a team to see and respond to, or they can capture task-related notes and information.

To direct questions or answers to teammates, use the mention function from above within the comments section and hit enter/return.


If a task needs to be assigned to a teammate, look for the “Assignee” quick field in both the list view and the task drawer. Select or add your teammate here and click out of the box.

You can also reassign tasks to a user or user group when needed. To do so, again, click into the Assignee quick field, select your user or user group, and click anywhere outside the box. You’ll see an update banner, and the new assignee will be notified of the change.

You can manage your mentions in notifications. Comments and task or workflow assignments are automatically communicated to teammates.

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