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Streamline How You Collaborate with Inline Comment Viewing and Responding
Streamline How You Collaborate with Inline Comment Viewing and Responding
Updated over a week ago

TIP: Inline Commenting

You can now view and respond to comments in-line without having to open the task drawer. Click the comment bubble in the task row to see and respond to the latest communication.

Designed to enhance how you work and communicate more efficiently, access to inline comment viewing and responding in now available across Dock pages. This update allows you to interact with comments directly within your task list, eliminating the need to open each task drawer individually. Here’s how you can make the most of this new functionality.

Now, directly from the task row, you can click the comment bubble icon to access and reply to comments. This feature aims to save you time and streamline your interactions, making it easier to manage communications without losing context or interrupting your workflow.

Using the new inline comment feature is straightforward. Here’s a simple guide to help you get started:

  • Locate the Comment Bubble: In your task list, find the task you want to review. You'll see a comment bubble icon in the task row.

  • Click the Comment Bubble: Simply click on this icon to expand the comment section right there in the task row.

  • View and Respond: You can now see all the comments related to that task. Type your response in the provided field and hit send to reply without ever leaving your task list.

Best Practices for Maximizing the Inline Commenting Feature

  • Make it a habit to look for the comment bubble as you scan your task list, ensuring you don’t miss any important communications.

  • Leverage keyboard shortcuts, if available, to quickly activate and respond to comments, enhancing your efficiency.

  • Adjust your notification settings to alert you when new comments are posted, so you can respond promptly.

We believe this new feature will make managing your tasks and communications more seamless and efficient.

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