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Acuity Integration
Acuity Integration
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Enable API access

  1. Open your Acuity Scheduling dashboard.

  2. Click on 'Integrations' in the left sidebar.

  3. Scroll down and click on 'view credentials' under the API section.

  4. Copy the User ID and API Key from the pop-up that is displayed.

  5. Share this Token with the Dock Health team.

    • You can securely share this by adding the key to a task in a new list in Dock. An example would be to create a new list called “Acuity”. You can then create a task and simply paste the code as the task description.

    • Please message us on Intercom that you have completed this and we can retrieve the code securely from the back-end. Please do not share this Key or PHI over intercom as this is not a secure channel.

Enable workflow automations

  1. Once we have received your API Key, we can work to enable real-time triggering of workflows and syncing client information in Dock Health when appointments are scheduled.

  2. Events from Acuity Scheduling that can trigger automations or sync client information include:

    • scheduled - when an appointment is initially booked

    • rescheduled - when the appointment is rescheduled to a new time

    • canceled - whenever an appointment is canceled

    • changed - when the appointment is changed in any way. This includes when it is initially scheduled, rescheduled, or canceled, as well as when appointment details such as e-mail address or intake forms are updated.

    • order.completed - when an order is completed

  3. In order to automate triggering workflows for appointment scheduling and updates please fill the following. Please ensure you have the Dock Health lists, groups and workflows created in advance.

Appointment types

Dock Workflow / SmartFlow Name

Dock Task List Name

Dock Task Group Name in the List

If no workflow indicated default Assign Task to specific User:

Default Due Date (e.g appointment request date or specific form field)

Indicate the fields that can be used to create patient / client context

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